When do you feel the most free?

I am the most inspired to feel my freedom when I accept all that is given to me without blocking it by worrying about lack, restraints, and the “I can’ts because…”.

I can do everything I need to each and every day when I remember it happens as Source moves through me.  Starting my day with a moment of connection to my Spirit, allowing Divine Order to give me guidance, and choosing to accept the positive sparks and act on them.

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Treading water

I am not a strong swimmer, physically.  It’s that I’m out of practice, mostly, and probably out of shape too!  But I do know the difference between long, smooth, sure strokes that propel me purposefully through water, and merely treading water to stay afloat.


Sometimes treading is necessary; it has its place in the activity of swimming.  Swimming, like living, is work.  The more coordination, balancing of skill, and measured breathing you bring to it, the more enjoyable and invigorating it is…much like living!  However, you cannot stroke and kick away indefinitely; sometimes you must give your arms and legs a break, and that is when you slow down and just bob, moving your arms slower, giving them a chance to rest while your head remains above the surface of the water.


You don’t really move while treading water, or just as you do not move off your spot much while running in place, there is a time when you need to do it.  Treading water is not swimming; it is a respite from swimming.  Living requires a rest here and there, too.  Coping, while not recommended as the default for living, is all we can do sometimes while we correct our inner balance.


When life brings circumstances that threaten our strength and balance, rather than be totally off guard, we sometimes instinctively resort to coping mode.  That can seem to be a very anxious time, but it gives us a space to endure, rather than sink, just as treading water keeps our heads up while we rest and recharge before taking off strong again.


When you find yourself coping, concentrate on the goal, much like when you stop swimming and tread water for a while; you know you will resume in strength after a brief time.  At the moment, even while you are tired, you are resting.  Gather your strength in this period, and then take off refreshed once again.  Settle into the rhythm of moving forward, and when you need to stop and regroup, do so.  Treading water, like coping in life, is part of the rhythm.

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Prioritize what occupies your mind

So often, our daily lives and the challenges they bring occupy much of our awareness.  Please take time to give your true self, your soul, equal opportunity or better to shape your day.

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In making meditation a daily practice, I’ve become aware of a distraction when listening to a guided meditation.  Breathing is automatic; even when we are unaware of it, much to my relief!  When it is suggested to be mindful of my breathing, it feels forced.  This passage in the Bible helps me; it may help you too:  Genesis 2:7 “the Lord God formed the man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life.”  (NIV)

What a privilege to know that whenever I take in a breath, whether I’m consciously doing it, or whether I’m on auto-pilot and Spirit is doing it, that when God exhales, I inhale Spirit’s life force!  When I exhale, I make room for another gust of life.  When I exhale, God inhales all my burdens and anything that doesn’t contribute to my wholeness.  I’m resuscitated, brought to life! I think of this several times a day, and when it occurs to me that every breath I take is life support from God, I feel such gratitude.  Then, in this mindfulness of giving thanks, it is very natural to pause, draw in a deep breath, hold it a second or two, and then slowly exhale all the air in my lungs so I can take in another healthy supply.

Now I take a moment often to immerse in mini-meditations with this image in my mind.  It renews and refreshes me, giving me a moment of mindfulness of my oneness with the Divine.  Just Breathe!

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I of mine own self can do nothing.  Not that I can’t, God can and I’m God in expression.  I love being in community with other like minded expressions of God. Learning, growing, supporting each other’s journey.  One group I’m in is supporting each other through the lessons in Marianne Williamson’s book, A Course in Weight Loss.

Where are your spiritual support groups?

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I enjoyed an image during a quiet time recently that I will share with you now.  When I was a child, dandelions were fascinating to me.  Dandelions are perceived in opposite ways, aren’t they?  My dad thought they were a blight on the lawn; to me, they were my flowers, my little garden…no one cared how many of them I pulled.  I was delighted in my harvest; my dad was delighted I pulled the weeds!

As my mind drifted and I pondered those memories with a smile, I began pulling weeds from my thoughts.  I envisioned holding all the regrets, mistakes, guilt, lessons ignored, missed opportunities…on the head of a dandelion. I imagined that hope and faith transformed those pods into new chances, new opportunities, lessons learned.  I breathed in deeply, and exhaled heartily, taking delight in watching the new seeds scatter to plant themselves.  (Don’t leave that step out; it is not enough to merely release what does not serve.  Transform what is to be released into something loving and positive first.)  Consider the new life that comes from seeds; what form will you have it take?

We can agree that dandelions perpetually show up, and they are hard to kill, right?  For me, so it is with hope…it perpetually shows up and it is hard to kill.

Do not be tight-fisted with hope; breathe in deeply, exhale, and scatter it as far as you can!  When you blow those seeds of hope, know that releasing them in faith is necessary for them to become what they will.  They won’t become anything if they are not released from that crowded cluster.

One dandelion head gives birth to dozens of new plants (possibilities?)  Please do not perceive a dandelion as a weed.  Some people consider them a delicacy, a salad ingredient, a green to sauté, a real gourmet treat.  They are even used as a medically beneficial ingredient in some tea blends!

Everything is a matter of perception; just change your mind…

Copyright 2010

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Vision Quest ~ Vision Board Workshop, 9/11/11

Save the Date!


September 11, 201110:45-1:00 after services


Where: Unity Fellowship Church/Warwick United Church of Christ


10 Matoaka Lane


Newport News, VA 23606




Take a Vision Quest and create a Vision Board with Tina Holter & Jude Eastman in this fun interactive workshop after fellowship.  All are welcome.


You do not need to attend services with us in order to connect to your Spirit Within.  Come set your intentions toward expressing and manifesting your highest and best future on this day and every day forward.


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Starting Your Spiritual Journey? 5 Practical Tips

1.  When you first awake – before thinking about your to-do list, breathe in deeply the breath of Life.  As you breathe out say “thanks” to the Universe.  You may simply repeat “thank you” several times in a row for all that you have or picture specific family,  friends, or things.  Be conscious when beginning your day with a breath of thanks.

2.  Be present – fully present – to what is in your surroundings.  Focus on one thing and look at it as if it was the first time you’d ever seen it.  Reject anything you already know about this item, person or experience.   Just allow the moment to unfold in fully sensory vision and feel how your body responds.  Stand in awe and  just breathe it in deeply.

3.  Focus on a thing of beauty. Open yourself to the splendor and see beautiful energy radiating out towards you and permeating your being.  Imagine it like a battery that you can plug into and continually recharge from.  When you feel fully “charged”, send some of this energy to someone else who may need it.  Know that you are continually being filled even as you give away the energy you share.  Give thanks to the Universe for this beauty and the way you are interconnected with all the beautiful energy in it.

4.  Recall an activity or person that makes you laugh, really laugh at a gut level. Pick a time and commit to doing this again or seeing this person. Do it within the next week and consider this appointment a priority that is necessary for your good health.

5.  Sit in silence for one minute and just observe your thoughts.  With your eyes closed try to focus on the upper center of your forehead and try not to attach to these thoughts.  Let them float by without judgement or control.  Just sit in the quiet breathing in, breathing out.  If something tries to grab your attention say ” Oh there’s that thought (noise, situation…) again”.  You’ll get better at this with each time you do it.  You can gradually increase the time a minute or two after a few sessions when you feel you’re able to sustain this non-attachment (use a kitchen timer).  You are learning to be present in your heart space and re-centering.

These ideas came from reading  – Wellness on a Shoestring: Seven Habits for a Healthy Life and can be found at and click on “Shop.”

If you are just starting your spiritual journey to the Soul or are ready to deepen your practice and would like help, Life & Soul Coach ~ Jude Eastman IAC-CC can help.  Contact her today to find out more: or go to *This post was originally published at 4/8/11

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Unity Fellowship Church’s first tele-class!

Keep a True Lent by Charles Fillmore.   Join us Mondays from 6:30 to 8 p.m. through April 18 for a book study, facillitated by our own Reverend Ginny Roll.  Link includes dial-in instructions and free book download. Meet you there!

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